Islington Liberal Democrats out in force for the Foodbank

30th October 2018

The Liberal Democrats collected a massive 670 kilos of food at their food drive in September.

“This was the second time that I have joined the team from Islington Liberal Democrats at the foodbank appeal and once again, it was a heart-warming and emotional experience”, said Kate Pothalingam. “It is a great shame that there is such a need for foodbanks and the essential support they provide – but it was wonderful to experience the generosity of Islington’s shoppers. It was sad to receive so many enquiries from people asking how to access the foodbank, which appeared to have increased compared to the last time we had the stall.

Note: Islington Lib Dems will be back outside Sainsbury’s at the Angel on December 1 2018, 10am-2pm. Please go and support them. Details of the event here.

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