Supermarket collection boxes continue to bring in much-needed supplies

24th July 2019

Foodbank collection boxes are continuing to appear in more supermarkets in Islington, and between April and June raised 1,606kg of food. We now have collection boxes in Tesco at Highbury Corner, Tesco at Islington Green and Co-op at Archway as well as at Waitrose Clerkenwell and Waitrose Holloway Rd. If you shop at these stores please look out for the collection boxes and donate. We need to show the stores how well these collection boxes are being used to help Islington people.

Archway coop has already collected 100kg of food, and often sends us their fresh food, such as bread, bakery items and salads, which will expire that day and is therefore at risk of being thrown away. We are able to offer this food directly to the clients the same afternoon and it is extremely popular, because fresh fruit, pastries, cakes and salads are expensive treats rarely available on a tight budget.

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