How to make a reverse advent calendar

28th November 2018

This year we’re asking people to make a reverse advent calendar filled with food donations. If you’re taking part you can bring donations to the foodbank however is easiest, but if you want to make this into a project and get others involved, perhaps in your school or office, you can make a reverse advent calendar crate to collect donations in.

This is the one we’ve made…


And here’s how to make one yourself…


1. Pick up some wine carriers from your local supermarket

They usually have these available for free in the wine section.


2. Gather your decorating materials

You will need some glue, wrapping paper, sellotape, scissors, something to add numbers with, and anything else you want to use to decorate (we chose glitter glue and stickers).


3. Glue your wine boxes together

They don’t always want to stay together neatly, so make sure you hold them in place with some pressure for a few seconds after you glue them.


4. Wrap around the base

Wrapping helps to hold the boxes in place in case the glue doesn’t want to stay.


5. Decorate

This step is optional, but adds a nice touch to your reverse advent calendar.


6. Fill with an item of food each day of December

You can find out what item we’re asking for each day on our calendar. If you’re a teacher, you could give each child in your class a day and ask them to bring the item in. This works in an office too.


Send us pictures of your reverse advent calendars on Twitter @foodbankn1 – we’d love to see them.

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